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At Ople, we believe that Artificial Intelligence should be easy, cheap and ubiquitous. With that in mind, our platform uses AI to build AI to deliver just that. With Ople, business leaders can now think big, broadly applying Artificial Intelligence across their organization in order to identify new opportunities and ...

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Christine Brackenhoff
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AI for AI Startup Ople Attracts Leading Data Scientist from Silicon Valley Unicorn, Builds One of the World’s Best Data Science Teams

Ople, the platform that applies artificial intelligence to data science and machine learning, has hired Gilberto Titericz, one of the world’s leading data scientists, to head the company’s advanced data science research team. “This is a big deal in the data science world,” explains Pedro Alves, CEO, himself a highly accomplished data scientist. “We are a fast-growing startup, but still a startup. That a data scientist of Gilberto’s caliber would want leave Airbnb to join our team, shows how powerful our technology is.”

Ople allows data scientists to complete more projects in a month than they’ve typically done in a year. Its truly unique approach of using AI to build AI stems from its ability to learn from the thousands of possible optimized models it generates for a given data set and then builds a final, custom model perfect for each case. In the blink of an eye for traditional data science, Ople builds and deploys a high-accuracy, high-performance model.

This innovative approach drew Titericz to Ople. Titericz has extensive experience in hardware engineering as well as data science. After working for several prominent multinational and Brazilian corporations, Titericz joined Airbnb, working on the booking platform’s algorithms.

Titericz is a Kaggle grandmaster and has held the #1 or #2 world ranking on the predictive modeling and analytics competition site for several years. Data science and modeling, some of the key elements in Ople’s approach, are his passion.

“Working in a company that’s just taking off, with a product that is far ahead of what other AI developers are considering, is thrilling,” says Titericz. “I want to aggressively push the fields of data science and machine learning forward. I know Ople is the place to do this.”

About Ople
Ople uses advanced machine learning to automate and optimize Data Science processes, accelerating the delivery of new, more accurate models from months to minutes. With Ople, business executives will gain first movers’ advantage on new opportunities, team leaders will deliver faster, more accurate results, and, Data Scientists will now be able to focus on actual business objectives, not just workflow.